Enrolment statistics looking good

Those of you who attended the staff forum on Wednesday will have heard Iain MacPherson, the new Student Services Innovation Manager, talk about 2016’s enrolment statistics so far.

At this stage UC is about 60% of the way through the enrolment process.

Domestic Applications to Enrol are up by seven percent with Actual Domestic Enrolments up by four percent.

International students enrolling at UC are up by 23% on the same time last year with a 76% increase in actual enrolments.  This effectively increases the international cohort by 60 students.



Taking everything into account, growth at this point sits at four point three percent.

New student numbers are up at this point in time, with the enrolment of returning students running at a similar rate to that of last year.

Iain MacPherson expects to be in a position at the end of the first week in March to report on actual enrolment numbers for the year.

So far, so good!