UC Centre for Entrepreneurship officially opened

The UC Centre for Entrepreneurship was officially opened on Wednesday night, in a fun evening which involved the top teams from the UC Innovators Summer Start-Up programme presenting their projects to a panel of judges.

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The students were also given a 24 hour challenge to come up with something different than the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony.

They designed and built a clever illuminated sign with three Edison bulbs representing the Centre’s main components for success: the community, UC and the students.

UC Centre for Entrepreneurship opening in F1, 2015/2016 Summer Start-Up Programme Student Presentation Afternoon, 3.2.16. Client Dr Rachel Wright.
UC Centre for Entrepreneurship Operations Director Dr Rachel Wright lighting the Edison lightbulbs.

The UC Innovators Summer Start-Up 2015/16 results:

First place winner:  Wireless Guard created by Taylor Howatson & Anthony Lefebvre – Allen. Visit www.wirelessguard.co.nz

Mentor and UC Innovators Judge Peter Montgomery, Taylor Howatson from Wireless Guard and Vice-Chancellor Dr Rod Carr
Mentor and UC Innovators Judge Peter Montgomery, Taylor Howatson from Wireless Guard and Vice-Chancellor Dr Rod Carr.

Second place and People’s Choice winner: VoltCuffs created by Andrew Graham. Contact andy@voltcuffs.com

Andrew Graham presenting VoltCuffs.
Andrew Graham presenting VoltCuffs.

Third place: Khullu created by Stefan Warnaar. Visit www.khullu.com

Stefan Warnaar presenting Khullu.
Stefan Warnaar presenting Khullu.

Highly commended: TipRun created by Nick Donkers. Visit www.tiprun.co.nz

Highly commended: In Situ Photo Project created by Hannah Watkinson. Visit www.ispp.nz

Does the thought of Negotiating make you nervous?

“Let us never negotiate out of fear.
But let us never fear to negotiate.”            

John F. Kennedy – Inaugural Address.

Come to our Negotiation Skills course
15 March 2016

Learn how to negotiate to reach agreement, resolve conflict, understand the wants and needs of the other party, and communicate in a persuasive and dynamic style.

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Presentation Skills workshop
16 March 2016 or 16 September 2016
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Volunteer at O Day – a word from those who gave it a go

Katie Perry, Senior HR Advisor, writes about her team’s experience volunteering at Open Day. They’ll be volunteering at Orientation Day on Friday 19 February, and are calling on other UC staff members to get involved too.

Remembering back to when we started studying at UC many years ago it was full of trepidation and uncertainty, and that was just for the parents! Last year we organised for our team to volunteer as part of Open Day, it was a great chance to get out from behind our desks and remember what it means to be a staff member taking a student-centred approach to our work.

I would really recommend staff taking part in volunteering at UC events because being able to reassure parents and new to UC students with our experience and knowledge was incredibly rewarding and fun.

2014 Open Day 10.7.14. C Block, Undercroft, Lecture Theatres, Various helpers, Dept visits, Civil Eng, Geology, Fine Art, Chemistry.
A UC staff member talking to visitors at a previous Open Day

Our team was given responsibility for the busy C block lecture theatres, we worked alongside the volunteer students to co-ordinate the smooth running of the information sessions while also being available to help with directions and basic campus information.

The day gave us some unexpected insights, such as the genuine concerns and worries of parents and students, what degrees and programmes are most popular and it also reminded us how much we actually knew about UC!

It was a fantastic team activity and should be part of every new team member’s induction to UC! We all found the day so worthwhile, the students and parents genuinely appreciated the service we provided.

All we can say is get you and your team involved in volunteering at Orientation Day!

If you’re ready to take up Katie’s challenge – contact Events Team Leader Jayne Austin by emailing jayne.austin@canterbury.ac.nz or call 6916.

Close all open Excel files at once

Ever get tired of closing all your Excel files one at a time?

Me too.

So here’s a way to close them all at once.

  1. Click the small green Excel icon in the top left corner of the Excel program window, just above the File tab.
    – A short menu displays.
  2. Hold Shift and click Close.
    – All your open Excel files will close.

That’s it.

Shift + Close


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