Latest Visiting Erskine Fellows to arrive at UC

The Erskine Programme is delighted to welcome the following Erskine Visiting Fellows to UC:

  • Associate Professor James Wittig, visiting the Department of Mechanical Engineering from Vanderbilt University, USA;
  • Professor Elizabeth Winstanley, visiting the Department of Mathematics & Statistics from the University of Sheffield, UK;
  • Professor Norman Dowling, visiting the Department of Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Polytech, USA;
  • Professor William Starbuck, visiting the Department of Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship from University of Oregon, USA;
  • Professor Paul Santi, visiting the Department of Geological Sciences from the Colorado School of Mines, USA
  • Professor Raghu Echempati, visiting the Department of Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University, USA;
  • Dr Samudragupta Bora, visiting the Department of Psychology from the Department of Paediatric Newborn Medicine, USA;
  • Professor Jeanie Forray, visiting the Department of Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship from Western New England University, USA.

We wish them all the very best for their Fellowship and time at UC.

Go By Bike Day is coming! (Wednesday 10 February)

To celebrate “Go By Bike Day” Cantabrians are being asked to leave their cars at home and cycle to work or school on 10 February.

Between 7am-9am the Canterbury District Health Board, Christchurch City Council, CPIT and others will host cycle-celebration stations along our city’s most popular cycle routes.

Stations will be set up at in North Hagley Park, close to the new signalized cycle crossing  from Deans Ave to Matai Street East, Antigua Boatsheds bridge, outside Community and Public Health on Manchester Street, and at the Madras and St Asaph street corner of CPIT.


All cycle celebration stations will give away healthy breakfast snacks  and cycle-related goodies from Bike Wise. At North Hagley park cyclists can also get their bikes checked by a mechanic and trial an e-bike.

Cycling for just 15 minutes will help you to wake up in the morning and wind down in the evening after work. It makes you fitter, healthier and more productive. And cycling helps to reduce green-house gas emissions from your car, so you (and thousands of other cyclists) are doing your bit towards addressing climate change.  So have a go at ticking all those boxes on February the 10th!