Equity and Diversity Symposium Friday 18 March

Everyone is welcome to attend the Postgraduate equity and diversity symposium Friday 18 March (11am to 12:30pm in College of Business and Law lounge) – refreshments provided from 10.30am please RSVP to catherine.woods@canterbury.ac.nz by today if you are attending.

College of Business and Law’s Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee has organised this symposium to draw attention to lesser know issues associated with diversity management. The event celebrates the post-graduate research  occurring cross the UC campus that has the potential to influence how we understand and manage aspects of diversity (e.g., gender, sexual orientation, culture, bullying, and access to justice).

Our goal is to inspire people to become diversity conscious and work with us to not only make the members of our diverse university community feel like they are welcome and belong at UC but that they can be themselves with confidence because we as a community appreciate who they are, their cultural heritage and how they choose to live their lives. It is a goal we always need to be working towards, not one that we can sit back and confidently say we have achieved.

Presenters and Topics:

Lilly ZhaoCollege of Business and LawInterpreting and Applying Strategies in a Sino-NZ IJV Collaboration
Saman HassibiCollege of Business and LawRepresentation of Gendered Norms in New Zealand Print Media 1950-2015: A Systematic Content Analysis
Khiam LeeCollege of Business and LawDynamics of Collaborative Emergency Management : An ASEAN Perspective
Preet KaurCollege of Business and LawHow does the LGBT community respond to firms using the LGBT agenda in their marketing activities?
Thomas DaviesCollege of ScienceInfra-humanitarian Aid? Attributing Humanity to those who give International Aid whilst denying humanity to the Recipients
Janelle CoradineCollege of Business and  LawEvery Body Counts. The Security Council And The Gendering of Conflict Discourse. Sexual and Gender Based Violence as a Weapon of War
Mandy StratfordCollege of ArtsThe impact of paid parental leave on gender equity in the workplace