Another Mobile Device Battery Saving Tip

We’ve looked at a few ways to make the
batteries in our mobile phones or tablets drain more slowly, but this one is easily overlooked. 

If your mobile phone or tablet is often active, especially if you receive a lot of notifications or messages (which
activate the screen every time), the battery is drained a
little more every time that screen lights up. This will
happen 24 hours a day, draining your battery a little more every time.

The solution to this is to change the Auto-Lock time to a shorter time frame. It simply means that whenever something causes the screen to light up – like a message, notification or you using the
device – the screen will automatically switch back off sooner.

This applies to all mobile phones and tablets, but on an iPhone or iPad you can change the Auto-Lock timing here:

1) Go to your device’s Settings

2) Select >General >Auto-Lock

3) Choose the minimum time available, eg, 30 seconds, or 1 minute

Now your device’s screen will automatically switch off as soon as possible after any activity.

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