Library reviews collection

The Library has been preparing for the move of the Education Library into the Central Library for the past two years.

From 26 April Library staff will start moving the items forward on Level 11, closing up any gaps of empty shelves which have been created.

During the semester break, library staff will start moving the items from level 10 up to the empty shelves on level 11. The movement of items within the library will continue until January 2017.

Collection review

The Library provides resources (in varied formats) to support over 15,000 undergraduate and post graduate students who study one or more of the approx 2,000 courses on offer at UC. The Library also supports hundreds of researchers. The priority for the Library is to ensure items required for current teaching; learning and research are available on the open shelf.

Since 2013 the Library has been working with academic staff to identify items in the collection which are required to be retained on the open shelf or in our store facilities and those items which are no longer required.

There are many ways that libraries around the world review their collections. At UC we attempt to find a process which is acceptable to the relevant academic staff.

Three reviews which used different processes are:

French Literature Collection

The majority of recommendations for the items to be kept and withdrawn have been made. However the Library is waiting on the arrival of Antonio Viselli, the new Lecturer/Programme Coordinator for French Programme in order to confirm the recommendations.

There were some titles which the Library wanted to consult with the wider academic community. If you use the French Literature Collection please check on the Libraries webpage at . Feedback on the current lists closes on 13 May. The lists are French Literature – 17th-18th Century and
French Literature – Studies on Voltaire and the 18th Century series.

Shakespeare Collection

The Head of English has recently assisted the Library to review the call range for Shakespeare as a subset of the English collection.


The Library is seeking feedback on monographs within the Library of Congress call range D-DT, which have not been borrowed since Dec 2004. The Library are moving these items to an area of Level 6 of the Central Library and asking academic staff to advise which items they consider should be retained in UC storage facilities. If you use the history collection then you may wish to offer your feedback. The call range of items already moved to Level 6 is DA-DJ (this range covers Great Britain, Central Europe, Austria, France, Germany, Greco-Roman World, Greece, Italy, Benelux Countries and the Netherlands). Items in the DK-DT call range which have not been borrowed since Dec 2004 will be brought down to Level 6 at the end of May.

On Wednesday 27 April 12-2 pm Library staff will be available on Level 6 to answer any questions on this process if you wish to give feedback. You are welcome to contact Helen Thomas or Joan Simpson if you have any queries or if you would like to read the documentation about the process. The closing date for feedback on the DA-DJ call range will be 16 May.

The subject areas listed below will be subsequently considered
a. American History
a. Asian Languages
b. English Literature
c. Other Languages
d. Other areas

Some of the exclusions are:
a. Items included in the MB collection held in Central
b. Items included in the De Jong collection held in Central
c. Items with donation bookplates which meet the criteria for retention
d. New Zealand and Pacific material
e. Items which have already been voted to be kept.

Library Store Facilities (excluding archives)

The capacity of the store facilities do not allow for everything to be kept. The collection has to decrease in size. Currently the Library has access to half of the Library Warehouse (no free shelving), space in the Law Basement and from December 2016 Level 2 of the current Education Library will be available.

The collection in the Law Basement is at risk of water damage as it is below ground level therefore the Library avoid shelving items other than print journals there. The Library would like to be able to reduce the collection held in the Library Warehouse so that the Archives collection can expand into this space and that the moratorium on receiving archives can be lifted.

Education Library Building

The services and material from Education Library will be brought across to Central during two periods Dec 16- Jan 17 and July 2017. The move of the Education Library is a very large and challenging project. Decisions are being made regarding how the Education Library building will be utilised after it closes in June/July 2017.