See two parts of a Word document simultaneously

If you have ever had to compare information in one part of a Word document to another part of the same document, you will know it is tedious and awkward.

Word’s Split button is the solution to this!
  1. Open the Word document.
  2. Press Ctl+Alt+S.
    (Or click the View ribbon, then click the Split button in the Window group.)

A “Split” line displays across the document, splitting the document into two viewing windows.

  • To adjust the part of the document you see in each window of the split view – position your mouse over that window and scroll the document up and down using the Scroll wheel on your mouse.
  • Display in the viewing window the parts of the document you wish to compare.
  • Drag the Split line up and down with your mouse to adjust each window’s viewing space.

To remove the split, press Ctl+Alt+S again.

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