Email only those who accepted a meeting

If you’ve invited a number of people to a
meeting, how do you send a follow-up email
to only those who have accepted?

There are two ways to do this.

Option A is the quicker, simpler way. It’s the one to use if you don’t have too many attendees who have declined – say, fewer than 10. We’ll cover this today.
Option B is the more involved way. It’s the one to use if you have a lot of attendees who have declined – say, more than 10. We’ll cover that next week.

So here is Option A, the simpler option. The one to use if you don’t have too many attendees who have declined.

  • View/open the appointment in Outlook.
  • Click the Tracking button on the Meeting ribbon.Outlook Tracking button               – The names of all those invited are listed, with their acceptance status displayed to the right of their names.
  • Remove the ticks from alongside the names of the people who have declined (the ticks are to the left of their names). Click a tick to remove it.
  • Click the Contact Attendees button on the Meeting ribbon (it is a few buttons to the right of the Tracking button).Outlook Contact Attendees button       – a drop-down menu displays.
  • Click New E-mail to Attendees.
    A new mail message is created, addressed only to those attendees who still have a tick next to their name.
  • Complete the message and send it.
  • DO NOT SAVE the appointment, otherwise all those attendees you un-ticked will be sent a meeting cancellation notice. Instead close the appointment and select Don’t save changes.Outlook Don't save changes

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