CCR and Peer Note taking – a student’s view

The Co-curricular Record (CCR) recognises students’ participation in pre-approved activities.

Help students get the competitive edge by encouraging them to get involved in CCR.  More activities are being added all the time as staff recognise the great opportunities CCR activities offer them as well.

Brianna shares her experience:

“When we were told about the Peer Note Taking services that UC offered I knew straight away that it was something I would be interested in.

After suffering a concussion while wakeboarding just before starting my first year at uni I knew the impact that an injury like that could have on studying and wanted to help others who may be faced with similar situations.

CM Tile Brianna Wehner

After becoming a Peer Note Taker I found out that I could apply to have it put on my Co-Curricular Record. This process was extremely quick and easier than expected and it’s an awesome feeling knowing that I’m helping to make someone else’s study experience that much easier as well as being recognised for it.

I think it’s a good opportunity as future employers are starting to look more heavily at, not only your course results but also the activities you have been involved in and they will be able to see that the University of Canterbury has recognised this involvement.”

– Brianna

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