Email only those who accepted a meeting – Option B

Last week we covered the quicker way to send a follow-up email to people who have accepted a meeting request, while excluding those who have not accepted the meeting.

However that method best suits occasions when there are only a few people who have declined the meeting request.

Today we look at the method to use if you have a lot of attendees who have declined – say, more than 10.

This looks like a lot of steps but it’s actually quite quick.

In the same way you can send a message to all those who gave no response to urge them along a bit. I explained the “None”
response in this Tip titled Are you causing someone else trouble when you accept a meeting?

This option involves a little use of Excel and filtering, but don’t be put off if you  are not familiar with Excel – here’s where you’ll get to learn a very useful feature! (I have added some explanations for you between the steps below.)

  1. View/open the appointment in Outlook.
  2. Click the Tracking button.
    – The names of all those invited are listed, with their acceptance status displayed to the right of their names.image002
  3. Click Copy Status to Clipboard.
  4. Open Excel.
  5. Select Cell A1.
    – This is the top left empty rectangular “cell” below “A” and next to “1”.
    – Click it to select the cell.
  6. Paste.
    – The names of all those you invited to the meeting display in
    columns, along with their attendance status and response.
  7. Widen the columns so you can read their contents clearly.
    – Do this by dragging to the right the thin line between the
    alphabetical letter at the top of each column, eg, A, B, C
  8. Click anywhere in the contents of those columns, eg, click the name of one of your attendees.
  9. Click the Sort & Filter drop-down arrow at the far right end of the Home Ribbon and click Filter.
    – Filters are added to the top of each column. These are drop-down arrows that allow you to sort information in the column.image003
  10. Click the filter drop-down arrow at the top of the Response
    column, and choose Sort A to Z.
    – All the staff who accepted are shown listed at the top of the
    Response column.
  11. Select all the names of the staff who accepted in the Name
    – To select the names, starting with the first name, click and drag your mouse down over the names you wish to select, in the same way you would select text in an email or Word document.
  12. Copy.
  13. Open Outlook
  14. Create a new message.
  15. Click into the To: field.
  16. Paste.
    – All the names you copied are pasted in.
  17. Press Ctrl+K to force Outlook to reconcile the names with the Name & Address Book.
  18. Write the message and send it.

And that’s it! Let me know how you find it – leave a comment.

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