Peer notetaking at UC

Tim Rowe discusses the rollout of peer notetaking at UC.

The rollout of peer notetaking at UC has been a major undertaking for the Disability Resource Service (DRS) in 2016.

Fortuitously, this innovation has coincided with the introduction of UC’s new Co-curricular Record programme, and getting peer notetaking counted as one the activities connected with CCR has been fantastic from our point of view.

Among other benefits, the CCR programme offers a way of making peer notetaking more attractive to students who might be contemplating applying. Beyond the small monetary incentive DRS can offer and the knowledge that their notes help other students with disabilities succeed in their studies, CCR recognition of DRS notetakers provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate qualities like empathy, community engagement, and an enterprising spirit to potential employers. This is a significant benefit and could make all the difference to them when they graduate and enter the competition of the job market.

As a nice ancillary, connecting peer notetaking with the CCR programme helps broaden acceptance of differences and promotes the work that DRS does to assist students with disabilities achieve their goals at UC.

Click here for an example of a CCR Work readiness skills / Graduate Attributes matrix.