New name for building approved

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Gail Gillon shares some exciting news from the College of Education, Health and Development.

Our University Council has approved the new name for our building on Ilam campus. The building will be called “Rehua” – the bright summer star associated with wellness. The naming of this building follows the recent approach of naming key buildings at the heart of campus, Matariki, (the Registry) and Puaka, the James Hight library.

Ngāi Tūahuriri  and Ngāi Tahu confirmed that they are keen to ensure that the mana of Te Ao Māori is reflected at the heart of campus and that the two “pou” represented by Registry and James Hight are the appropriate representations of this. The name Rehua was recommended to Council as a link to the two pou already established.

The name Rehua appropriately extends the “star” theme:

  • Matariki, the name of the Pleiades star cluster and also of the season of its first rising in late May or early June—taken as the beginning of the New Year.
  • Puaka, the brightest star in the constellation Orion, which rises at about the same time as Matariki is also associated with the start of the New Year.
  • Rehua is spoken of as a chief among stars. It is associated with wellness, healing and leadership, as well as the bright star in the sky to signal the start of summer.

 The Council also approved that the innovative learning space (our “show case” new teaching space on the building entry level floor) be called The Beeby Centre of Innovative Learning and Teaching. This centre is named after Clarence Beeby ONZ CMG, 1902- 1998, (UC Alumnus), one of New Zealand’s most distinguished educational thinkers, who was the first director of the New Zealand Council for Educational Research and then Director of Education (Ministry of Education) (see Appendix for details).

Our new building, Rehua, is due for completion at the end of August, 2017, and we are planning on shifting into the building in early October, next year.

Ngā mihi nui

Gail Gillon

Women’s only exercise hours

If you are a female, the gym can be a daunting or uncomfortable place.

Whether for cultural, confidence, or other reasons, it can be the last place you want to go to exercise.

We want you to feel comfortable in a space that is less intimidating, more supportive, and that meets cultural needs.

This week marks the first week of Women’s Only hours at the UC Recreation Centre.

Throughout this semester, Women’s Only hours will be available in specified areas of the Recreation Centre, to trial different times, equipment and the success of these hours to work out the best fit for the future.

Female fitness consultants and instructors will be available during these designated times to provide assistance, exercise ideas and any other questions that you may have. You can also book in for a one-on-one Train Me session with a female fitness consultant.

In addition, the Recreation Centre will offer free Teach Me classes, a small group session with a female fitness consultant designed to grow your knowledge around different methods of training, which can be booked at reception. Female only small group training classes will also be offered throughout term four.

We want you to live your healthiest life – and feel comfortable doing so.

More information on the hours and spaces available as Women’s Only and on Train Me, Teach Me and Small Group Training sessions, visit the Recreation Centre website at or talk to our friendly reception team on 03-364-2433.

Recreation centre, various classes set up by staff for marketing services, 20.10.15 and 23.10.15 Client, Kat Henderson, Rec Centre.

Lost all your notes?

Below is the hidden trap in recording your notes in someone else’s calendar meeting, or in a recurring meeting.

Has this happened to you? You have been writing notes in your individual Outlook calendar appointments, which have been created by someone else (and you are an Invitee), or which are recurring meetings created by you or by someone else.

All good? Well yes – in itself that’s a brilliant method of keeping the notes for a meeting close to hand, until the author/owner of the meeting or series (who could even be you) changes something and updates the meeting or the whole series and suddenly all your notes are gone. Permanently.

In a nutshell, here are the conditions in which this can happen:

  • you are not the owner of the appointment, and that owner
    changes or cancels the appointment, which erases your notes
  • the appointment is part of a recurring series that someone else has created, and the owner updates the series, which overwrites any individual differences between the appointments in the
    seriesand erases your notes
  • the appointment is part of a recurring series that you have
    created and you update the series, which overwrites any individual differences between the appointments in the series and erases your notes

All of these scenarios lead to you losing the notes you have recorded under each individual appointment.

The solution? Don’t do it. Record you your notes somewhere else.

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UCSA footbridge closed

The footbridge between University Drive (opposite the University Bookshop) and the UCSA building is now closed as construction work is ramping up in the area. Detour signs are in place.

Please use the footbridge between University Drive (opposite the ICT carpark/Angus Tait building) and the Health Centre instead.

Take care and look out for others when using this footbridge – cyclists and skateboarders please slow down.

Footbridge detour


Reminder: Safety on campus

It is important to the University to provide a safe and secure campus for the benefit of every person using it.

Security Officers patrol the campus 24-hours, 7 days a week, and provide assistance and support for students and staff.

10 Safety and Security Tips

  1. Programme UC Security’s number into your mobile phone: 0800 823 637. You can also call Security internally on 6111, email or  visit the Security Office at 114 Ilam Road
  2. Be aware of the locations of help towers throughout campus – press the black button for information and the red button in an emergency. In an emergency, wait at the tower until help arrives – within minutes.
  3. Avoid walking alone at night
  4. Travel with a friend whenever possible
  5. Always use well illuminated walkways and recommended walking routes at night
  6. Move your car to a designated (recommended) car parking area on campus if staying after dark
  7. Ensure that all vehicles are locked when parked
  8. Report any unusual behaviour on campus to UC Security immediately, even the smallest incident
  9. Stay alert around construction sites
  10. If you are uncomfortable at any time, call the security office and ask for assistance. They can walk with you across campus.

For more information visit: