Four windows on two screens?

How do you display two program windows side by side on the one computer screen when you have two screens?

In October last year we learnt how to resize a program window to fit half your screen. This feature enables you to display two windows side by side on one screen so that you can compare their contents, or drag text, objects and files from one window to the other (which is a very easy way to move or copy things from one place to another).
Microsoft call this feature Aero Snap.

But what if you have two monitors? Two computer screens?
Suddenly this feature doesn’t work quite how you thought it would!
The solution is to use a keyboard shortcut rather than your mouse:

Windows key + left or right arrow key

  1. Drag onto the same screen the two program windows that you wish to display side-by-side.
  2. Click one of the two program windows.
  3. Hold the Windows key (it’s between the Ctrl and Alt keys)
    and press the right arrow key.
    – The window “snaps” to the right side of the screen.
  4. Click the other program window.
  5. Hold the Windows key and press the left arrow key.
    – The window “snaps” to the left side of the same screen (this is why you have to use the keyboard shortcut).

And you now have two windows side by side on one of your two screens. You can repeat the process on the other screen to display FOUR windows side by side if you wish.


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