Te Wiki o te Reo Māori continues at UC this week

Kia ora anō e hoa mā,

UC continues to mark Māori Language Week this week, with a range of events still to come. I encourage you to keep up your efforts and push your comfort boundaries. Add a little bit more each day. Practise what you know on friendly people.

For me though, it doesn’t stop this Friday. I use te reo Māori every day, week in, week out. How? Well, I read and listen to te reo Māori every day, and also try to speak to at least one other person in Māori. I write something in Māori most days.

I regularly watch Māori TV and news on Te Karere and Te Kāea. These are mostly subtitled, so accessible to all.

If you are still starting out, try pronouncing every Māori word you come across in a more Māori way. Talk to your pet in Māori – typically a totally uncritical audience. Find others in your work area who are giving it a go and work on it with them. Consider doing a course in te reo via Aotahi here on campus.

Come along to the Te Reo for the Workplace courses for staff (you can find those on the Learning and Development website). We are currently seeking more participants for 2 August and 6 September in the afternoon.

Karawhiua e hoa mā.

Mary Boyce