Another stage of the Uni-Cycle completed

Another stage of the Uni-Cycle cycleway has been completed.

009v2This includes the shared pathway (four metres wide) through north Hagley park through the golf course to Armagh Street, and the pathway from Straven Road to Kilmarnock Street beside Boys’ High School.

The on-demand crossing for cyclists and pedestrians has also been completed. This crossing allows cyclists travelling towards UC to 014v2turn left and travel via Riccarton Bush – Pūtaringamotu to UC. Or cyclists can turn right and travel to UC via Kahu Road.

The City Council has completed consultation on the next stage of the Uni-Cycle, from Pūrtaringamotu to Ilam campus and recommendations have gone to the local community board for a decision.

The final stage of the Uni-Cycle is from Ilam to Dovedale which is intended to be completed by the end of 2016.  You can see the details about this stage on the Christchurch City Council’s website. 

I am really enjoying travelling via the Uni-Cycle as part of my commute to UC and am looking forward to this project being completed this year.