Welcome to Erskine Fellow Associate Professor Schwartz

As part of the Erskine Programme, we welcome Associate Professor David Schwartz to UC. Professor Schwartz joins us from Israel and shares with us how he is enjoying his time here so far.

  • What is your area of interest?

I’m here from the Graduate School of Business at Bar-Ilan University in Israel where I am Professor of Information Systems. I teach advanced Information Systems course in the MBA program, such as Crowdsourcing, and Advanced Topics in IS.

I also direct the Entrepreneurship program and teach courses in that area including a course on launching lean start-ups. For the past two years I’ve been chairman of the School’s PhD program which includes teaching the PhD seminar attended by all our doctoral students. I lead the Social Intelligence Lab (www.socialintelligencelab.org) and my main research areas are currently cybersecurity with a focus on social media, and mobile healthcare (mHealth) with a focus on the use of social network communities in emergency situations.

  • Why did you choose to come to UC?

I had heard wonderful things about New Zealand and have always wanted to visit. The Erskine Programme, with its outstanding international reputation, presented a wonderful opportunity to spend a whole semester here and develop research collaborations along with contributing to the teaching diversity of UC.

  • What have you been doing at UC?

I’m teaching an undergraduate course INFO353 Contemporary Issues in Information Systems where we are focusing on Crowdsourcing, and leading a graduate course INFO620 on Information Systems Management research. I’ll be presenting an Erskine Seminar in the Department of Accounting and Information Systems on ‘News Censorship in Online Social Networks’ and am also planning a guest lecture on ‘Israel’s High-Tech Industry and its Entrepreneurs – the Startup Nation’, in the Department of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

  • What are you most enjoying about your time here?

It’s great interacting with my new colleagues in the Department of Accounting and Information Systems – in particular my host Dr. Annette Mills – and setting the groundwork for future collaboration.

The campus itself is quite lovely and peaceful. Of course a highlight is being in the centre of the South Island and being able to visit so many incredibly beautiful places over the weekends and breaks.