UC Online Ergonomic Self-Assessment

UC’s  new Online Ergonomic Self-Assessment  is now up and running.

This interactive online tool will help you achieve a comfortable and effective workstation that is suited to your needs and workflow. Setting up your workstation properly is the key to preventing musculoskeletal discomfort, pain and injury from repetitive work-related tasks. Check it out here: Online Ergonomic Self-Assessment

This link is also available via the following pages:


Intranet: https://intranet.canterbury.ac.nz/hs/toolkit/09_workplace/index.shtml

We would like to acknowledge UC’s Electronic Learning Support team for their extensive contribution to this project.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback please contact the UC H&S team at health-safety@canterbury.ac.nz


Travel Survey – be heard on 12 July

Travel Choices TILE size

Many of you have an active interest in transport and car parking matters at UC.

Next week, on Tuesday 12 July all staff and students will be asked for their views on travelling to and from the University, through an online survey. This survey will only run for one day – capturing a snapshot, or a ‘day in the life of’ travel choices.

The 10 minutes it will take you to fill in the Travel Survey will make a difference, this year providing for the first time, key data for the University’s transport master planning exercise.

The Travel Survey only happens once every four years. We strongly urge you to take a few minutes next Tuesday to complete this survey when you find it in your email inbox – the email will include a link.

Sustainability Office and Campus Services Team


Why should I do the survey?

This is an opportunity to be heard on travel issues, which only comes around once every four years. The survey is vital for gauging changes in staff and student travel patterns and for aiding development of the University’s transport and campus plans. This year the University is undertaking a vital transport master planning exercise, which will identify key transport needs for our community into the foreseeable future. This survey will provide key data for this planning exercise.

Results from the survey and monitoring also provide important evidence for University approaches to the Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury on transport matters; for example, improving bus services to/from UC, improving cycle routes, and addressing car parking on campus and on surrounding streets.

How long does it take?

The survey will take about ten minutes to complete. The survey is organised by the University’s Transport Working Group, the Sustainability Office and Campus Services. The information gathered in the survey will help the University cater for all travel modes.

TELSIG Forum 2016

Next week UC is holding the biennial TELSIG Forum at the Jack Mann Auditorium. We are expecting 120 Librarians from around New Zealand.

TELSIG is the Tertiary Libraries Special Interest Group of the Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa.  TELSIG exists to promote the interests of librarians and libraries associated with tertiary education. The group aims to foster discussion and information sharing, encourage co-operation and collaboration, and provide professional development opportunities.

Our Forum will be celebrating the hard work and achievements of New Zealand’s tertiary education library and information professionals.

We will be using the Jack Mann Auditorium and the Ōtākaro lecture theatres on both Monday 4th July and Tuesday 5th July.

Any questions or queries please contact Theresa Buller, Forum Convenor on theresa.buller@canterbury.ac.nz

Are you able to help out on Open Day?

Open Day is on 14 July. If you haven’t volunteered yet to help out on the day, there are still a couple of roles that we need help filling:

Meet and Greet
• Providing the first friendly welcome to all visitors to our campus at the Info Gazebos
• Collecting demographic information about attendees
• Bidding visitors a friendly goodbye
8am – 1pm, five volunteers needed
12pm – 5pm, ten volunteers needed

Campus Ambassadors
• Being a friendly face on campus within and around your area
• Counting attendees in the information sessions in your specified area
• Making visitors feel welcome to UC and provide any assistance as needed, such as directions to an activity, eating areas, toilets
• Bidding visitors a friendly goodbye
• Assisting attendees into information sessions
8am – 1pm, seven volunteers needed
12pm – 5pm, seven volunteers needed

Van Driver for the Accommodation Tours
• Transporting visitors around UC’s accommodation options
• Must have a full drivers licence
10am – 3pm, four volunteers needed

If you can help out, please check with your manager and email the Events Team. You are welcome to volunteer with a friend or as a team.

The day runs from 9am to 5pm and is based in the centre of Ilam campus, with subject and information sessions, as well as tours of the campus, departments and UC accommodation options. The UCSA will also be running Winterlude activities.


Four windows on two screens?

How do you display two program windows side by side on the one computer screen when you have two screens?

In October last year we learnt how to resize a program window to fit half your screen. This feature enables you to display two windows side by side on one screen so that you can compare their contents, or drag text, objects and files from one window to the other (which is a very easy way to move or copy things from one place to another).
Microsoft call this feature Aero Snap.

But what if you have two monitors? Two computer screens?
Suddenly this feature doesn’t work quite how you thought it would!
The solution is to use a keyboard shortcut rather than your mouse:

Windows key + left or right arrow key

  1. Drag onto the same screen the two program windows that you wish to display side-by-side.
  2. Click one of the two program windows.
  3. Hold the Windows key (it’s between the Ctrl and Alt keys)
    and press the right arrow key.
    – The window “snaps” to the right side of the screen.
  4. Click the other program window.
  5. Hold the Windows key and press the left arrow key.
    – The window “snaps” to the left side of the same screen (this is why you have to use the keyboard shortcut).

And you now have two windows side by side on one of your two screens. You can repeat the process on the other screen to display FOUR windows side by side if you wish.


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