Sea level rise impact on thirty million

A real life situation of climate change induced sea level rise, in Bangladesh is documented in the United Nations Development Programme  commissioned film, Thirty Million.

This seminar (Thursday 8 September) from climate change talks by Professors Tim Naish & James Renwick of Victoria University, Wellington and Jo Tyndall of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The film was produced by UC graduate Dr Daniel Price, resulting from his Pole to Paris campaign where he biked across the globe to raise awareness of climate change, after completing a PhD in Antarctic Studies. His Antarctic experience highlighted the effect climate change will have on Antarctic ice and the potential for sea level rise in a warming world.

A panel of UC experts will answer your questions and discuss the effects of sea level rise after the screening:

  • Professor Bryan Storey is the Director of Gateway Antarctica, Centre for Antarctic Studies and Research, specialising in paleo climate and past changes to the Earth’s climate system
  • Dr Wolfgang Rack is a glaciologist with Gateway Antarctica, researching the contribution that melting Antarctic ice sheets will make to future sea level rise
  • Professor Steven Ratuva is the Director of the MacMillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, a political sociologist with an interest in the human dimensions of climate change

Date: Thursday 8 September, 6:30pm  – free
C3 Lecture Theatre, Central Lecture Theatres, University of Canterbury

6.30pm Introduction by Professor Bryan Storey
6.35pm Thirty Million screening
7.10pm Q&A with expert panel

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