Save typing time on Your iPad/iPhone

This tip on creating text shortcuts
is worth repeating!

This is the iPad/iPhone version of my Top Tip:
Use Outlook/Word Quick Parts.
For words or phrases you type over and over again, you can easily create shortcuts on the iPad and iPhone. This will
reduce errors and the time you spend typing repetitive phrases (like University of Canterbury), long words, jargon and acronyms.

(The precise details here may vary slightly depending on the model of your iPad/iPhone and the version of the iOS (Apple Operating System) you are running, but the concept remains the same. The concept will also be the same for Android phones and Windows phones – you’ll just have to find the right place.)

On your iPad or iPhone…

  1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard
  2. Select Shortcuts
  3. Tap the “+” symbol (in the upper right corner)
  4. Type in the phrase you want to shortcut and then the shortcut key you wish to associate with that phrase
  5. Tap Save (in the upper right corner)
  6. Now when you want to type that phrase (in an email, message, document, etc), type the characters assigned to the shortcut and tap the spacebar.


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