New vehicle booking system coming soon

U-Book is a new intuitive online system designed to make it easier for staff to book a fleet vehicle, replacing the previous Fleet Vehicle Booking system.

The system can be accessed from anywhere, including your smartphone, home computer or work computer.

Users simply enter select a few key details, including base location, transmission option and date, and a number of vehicles are then displayed to choose from.

As well as making it easier for staff and saving on paperwork, the system is designed to make better use of resources, with users emailed if they miss a pick-up, and the car available for use after an hour of a missed booking.

The Campus Services team are currently in the process of contacting regular users to set them up in the system. If you haven’t received an email and are likely to need to book a vehicle in the near future, please email to be set up.

ubook 1

Ubook 2