Tetanus vaccinations available now

Tetanus shots are available now at the UC Health Centre for our enrolled patients who are aged 45 and 65 years.

The vaccine is free but there is a $10 charge for the nurse service.

The Government encourages people to have these vaccines at this time of life as childhood protection is usually depleted and the risk of tetanus is not. Those who are a few years beyond these designated ages are also eligible.

What you need to know

Tetanus is contracted through puncture wounds or those contaminated by soil or animal faeces. These wounds can be quite trivial, for example rose thorn pricks. Hospitalisation of four women over 60 for tetanus in 2013 shows the need for protection in adults who often think these risks belong to younger people.

Patients enrolled at UC Health are invited to see us. Please phone first to book a nurse appointment, or for more information, phone: 364 2402