UCSA demolition update, upcoming noisy work

The UCSA building demolition project is progressing well, with the east end of the building currently being deconstructed to ground level.

The next phase of demolition will then start, which involves breaking up the concrete foundation and removing ground services (water pipes etc).

This work is expected to be noisy due to the use of excavators, hydraulic jack hammers and compactors. (See the UCSA Demolition timeline for an outline of activities.)

The noisiest periods will be between:

  • now and mid-October
  • 14 November and 30 November.

Staff and students located in buildings near the UCSA site may also experience some light ground vibrations during these times.

A noise simulation study was recently carried out and as a result all significant noisy activities, specifically breaking concrete foundations, will stop during the exam period between 24 October and 10 November.

Further information and advice
For further information, or if you have any specific concerns, please contact UCSA Demolition Project Manager, David Wong for advice.  Email – david.wong@canterbury.ac.nz