Summer works on campus

Work is about to commence on the RSIC rain garden, which adjoins the CETF project along the southern side of the E8/E9 Lecture Theatres. To enable this, the access way from central campus into the Civil/Mechanical building must be removed.

From 21 November, the Civil/Mechanical building will only be accessible from the Creyke Road entrance. Emergency access at the southern end will remain in place, however this is not for general use and until the Core is opened, pedestrian access into the Engineering precinct will be via either Engineering Road or Forestry Road.

Car parks available in the Biology car park will be significantly reduced to allow for concurrent works on a number of projects.

The arrival of a large amount of structural steel and cladding for Rehua, along with artesian bore works on site, will necessitate a larger hoarded area around that building.

Work will also begin on the new cladding for the Electrical Link building and decanting of the top two levels of von Haast, both requiring additional hoarded areas that will further reduce available parking spaces.

While these works are being undertaken over the summer break to minimise impacts and disruption, we apologise in advance for any inconvenience.