Visitors from Centres for Aboriginal Studies at UC

Education and Māori Studies leaders from across UC shared experiences and resources with a delegation from Sydney and Macquarie Universities’ Centres for Aboriginal Studies this week.

Three visiting academics were hosted by the College of Education, Health and Human Development’s Māori Research Laboratory, Te Rū Rangahau.

Cathie Burgess, a Senior Lecturer in Education and Aboriginal Studies Curriculum at the University of Sydney commented that the cultural exchange has enriched their ideas with regards to Aboriginal perspectives across the curriculum, and appropriate pedagogical approaches for teachers working more responsively with Aboriginal students.

“We are also impressed with what UC has in place in terms of doctoral confirmation processes,” Dr Burgess added, after observing a doctoral candidate’s presentation.

Visit1UC’s Professor of Māori Research Angus Macfarlane says, “the visit by our Australian colleagues was a cultural interchange that allowed us to reflect on past experiences and to make positive projections for higher education provision in contemporary times.”

Visit 3Presentations by senior Māori staff, including the Head of Aotahi School of Māori and Indigenous Studies Sacha McMeeking, were complemented by Māori postgraduate students showcasing their scholastic endeavours. The Dean of the College, Dr Julie Mackey met with the Sydney party to acknowledge their visit and encourage ongoing trans-Tasman relations.

Main visit pic