Professor Patrick McAllister (1948-2016)

Long time colleague Piers Locke remembers Professor Patrick McAllister.

PatrickPatrick McAllister, the founding figure of anthropology at the University of Canterbury, died on 21st September 2016
after a short battle with cancer. Renowned as a specialist on public ritual and cultural performance, Patrick began his anthropological career in South Africa before establishing the anthropology programme at the University of Canterbury in 2002.

Patrick will be remembered for his work on Xhosa beer drinking rituals in South Africa, on the politics and performance of Waitangi Day and Australia Day, and on the Lunar New Year (Tet) in Vietnam. Patrick’s ethnographic research in multiple regions marks him out as an exemplary fieldworking anthropologist. His appetite for field research never diminished, and he sustained a pattern of regular fieldwork until his last. Before his death, he was engaged in a project on Chinese temple associations in Vietnam with his colleague Dr. Zhifang Song.

Patrick will also be remembered for his leadership of the anthropology programme at Canterbury, where he developed the curriculum for the bachelors and honours degrees in Anthropology, supervised student research for masters and doctoral degrees, and mentored junior staff. As a result of his efforts, Canterbury developed a vibrant anthropology programme that has attracted and inspired many students. Kind yet tough, Patrick was the very best of colleagues, a man of integrity who was always reliable and trustworthy.  Admired by many, he will be greatly missed.

F5 Function key to refresh webpage

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UC Sport Mascot Competion – Winners

We would like to officially announce the results of the UC Sport mascot competition!

3rd Place
– Winner of $200 prize pack…
The Canterbury Collie, designed by Felicity Powell.

2nd Place – Winner of $400 prize pack…
The Falcon (Maori concept) designed by Rosie Irving and Daniel Batistich

1st Place and Grand Prize Winner of the $1000 prize pack…
Tapuae, the Falcon designed by Jeff Bell.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this great project from the entrants, judges, you the voters and our major sponsor BLK. It has been an exciting journey, but its not over yet!

Now what?

Well, we are currently working on designs to incorporate this into playing uniforms that UC students will wear when representing University of Canterbury at University & Tertiary Sport NZ events.
But don’t worry, we are also producing a full range of casual sportswear apparel that will be available when you all return in 2017! #UCSport#BLK#UCFalcons

See the photos here:

Mascot pic2

From left: 1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize

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Uni-Cycle work starting mid-November

Christchurch City Council (CCC) expects to start construction work on the Uni-Cycle route, which will connect UC to the Central City, on 14 November.

The route runs along University Drive, Ilam Road and across Ilam Fields to Dovedale Ave. (See map below.)

The work is likely to impact traffic and pedestrians travelling through these areas. CCC is currently confirming the construction methodology and traffic management plan, however please note at this stage lane closures along University Drive are anticipated. There may also be disruption for those using the path on the north side of Ilam Fields.

Further details will be provided via the staff and student blogs as soon as the traffic management plan has been finalised.

In the meantime, to find out more about the Uni-Cycle route go the CCC website.

UniCycle route map