Fine Arts – exhibition of year’s work

The School of Fine Arts invites you to come and see what their students have created over the course of the year…

The School of Fine Arts is a proud and highly regarded component of the University of Canterbury, producing over the years many artists who have gone on to make names for themselves both nationally and internationally.

Students are required to submit the studio work they have made over the course of the year.  This generally entails going into physical and mental overdrive in the last week of term to get artwork completed and clearing spaces of brown couches, moldering coffee cups and glasses from exhibition openings.

It is a V-fuelled week culminating in a pile of exhausted beings.  But the result is close to miraculous.  The School is transformed from a collection of seemingly chaotic and cluttered studio spaces to one large art gallery with enticing works at every corner.  We encourage you to come and have a look…

The SELECT exhibition is an opportunity for fourth year and postgraduate students to be part of a great event and potentially (if one of the three awardees) to become part of the UC art collection.

The exhibition opens from 5pm Tuesday 8 November (coinciding with Open Day) and runs till 8 December.  Again, we invite you to visit.

School of Fine Arts