Access Your Most-Used Folders, Pronto!

Last year we looked at quickly accessing your most-used folders using Favorites shortcuts. How much time are you saving by using that feature?

Today let’s look at an even more immediate option that gives you access to the contents of a folder right off the Taskbar at the bottom of your screen. (By the way, you can move the taskbar to the top or sides of your screen, but most people keep it at the bottom.)

  1.  Right-click a blank area on the Taskbar (eg, between the program icons, not on an icon)
    – a menu displays
  2. Select Toolbars, and then select New Toolbar…
    – an Explorer window opens, prompting you to select a folder
  3. Navigate to the folder you wish to have quick-access to
  4. Select the folder
  5. Click the Select Folder button

A shortcut to that folder now displays on your taskbar next to the system tray at the right end of the taskbar.

Click the double-arrows on the right of the shortcut to access the contents of the folder.

(To remove the shortcut: right-click the shortcut, select Toolbars, and deselect the name of the folder)

Thanks to Jo in HR for this one!

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