Launch of Student Care Team

Student  Care teamWhile our name may have changed over the years, one thing has not changed – our focus on, and care for, students:

  • We work with students and staff to provide guidance, advice and pastoral care support on any issue impacting on their study.
  • We support the transition of students into the university environment to help them make well-informed decisions, enhance their personal wellbeing and chances of success.
  • We respond to concerns regarding student welfare, outreach to at-risk students/cohorts, crisis intervention and referral support.

Please join us for morning tea to reconnect and celebrate our exciting new name! Tuesday 6 December, 10.30-11.30am (RSVP

UC Cycle Stand Update

bikes in rowGood news for Engineering staff (and others)! It looks like the existing secure cycle stand on Creyke Road will be retained, which means another 100 secure bike parks will come back on line soon.

UC’s Sustainability Office received very interesting feedback in this year’s UC Travel Survey, indicating that around 40% of cyclists prefer secure cycle stands over other kinds of bike parks. The challenge we have now is to think through the various ways that we can ensure our bike parks really are secure. For instance: Is card access the best method?

We recently saw a campus bike park system at the University of the Sunshine Coast where a staff or student card gave cyclists access to the secure bike parking, but only if they were on a register of users.

What do you think about this?
We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions. You can email us at or comment below.

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Quick Formatting Using F4

Here’s a great time-saving tip to use when you’re formatting an email, Excel worksheet, Word document, or PowerPoint presentation. This tip is about taking the last format you used and applying it to other things.

Use the F4 function key to repeat formatting.

After you have applied a format to something….

  1. Select another cell, multiple cells, text, or object(s) that you wish to apply that same formatting to,
  2. Press the F4 function key
    – The target(s) takes on the formatting that you last applied.

The F4 Repeat Formatting method does just that – it repeats the format that was last applied. The beauty of this is that any other formatting of the target will be unaffected.

Note to Excel users: what makes this feature so much faster than the Format Painter is that you can use one hand to tap the up/down/left/right arrow keys, while the other hand taps the F4 key, thus not needing to use the mouse at all.

To read more about using F4 like this and its difference to the Format Painter, click here.

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