Why get involved in O Day?

The Events and Partnerships team is seeking staff volunteers to help at Orientation Day on 17 February 2017.

UC colleagues have this to say about the O Day experience:

“Students are our core business – without them we don’t have a University. Staff need to get to know them, and they need to know and recognise us. What better way to meet our new 2017 cohort than to join them on O Day, and feel their excitement and (sometimes) nerves as they start out on a very big adventure. They have entrusted their learning futures to us – we should meet with them, acknowledge that, and share their special day.”

Professor Jan Evans-Freeman, Pro-Vice Chancellor Engineering

“I volunteered as it is a unique opportunity to connect and interact with the students and be part of that UC vibe! I enjoyed welcoming the students in the beginning of their learning journey, putting a smile in their faces, encouraging them to take a picture with their families and therefore contributing in creating memories! Calling for UC faces! Colleagues get involved! Remember and enjoy the energy that comes with the first day in Uni! For one day, we become a walking UC advertisement!”

Evelyn Varelogiannis, Learning Resources

“When the call went out for people to help welcome the fresh faced students on last years O Day, I was pretty keen. Sure – I wanted to offer a positive first impression of UC. But more than that, I wanted one of those Canterbury Red® t-shirts that came with the gig.  But helping on the day turned out to be way more fun than I’d bargained for. You see, our team was in charge of distributing UC lip balm to the first years as they arrived on campus… and I took this job very, very seriously. As the students came up Arts Road like whitebait swimming towards a giant whitebait net, I enjoyed the camaraderie of being in a team, the experience of seeing the anticipation on the students’ faces, and, of course, the deep satisfaction of knowing that I was playing my part in keeping our new students lips supple and healthy.  P.S. I still have the shirt.”

Spanky Moore, Senior Ecumenical Chaplain

“We all know that a core part of a positive student experience is having positive engagement with staff, and O Day provides the opportunity to get this off to a great start.”

Professor Jonathan Le Cocq, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Arts

“Volunteering at O Day was a fantastic opportunity to get out and meet students arriving at UC from not only our own backyard, but from all around the world. It was inspiring to hear students’ enthusiasm for UC. The sushi and hot chip give-away was very popular too!”

Dr Dean Sutherland, College of Science

And read this blog from Katie Perry about her team’s experience helping at O Day.