What type of exercise is right for me?

So you’ve decided it’s time to get in shape and build a healthier lifestyle? Congratulations! That’s the first and most important step. There are numerous articles (including this one from the Mayo Clinic) on the benefits of exercise. You won’t regret your decision!

Sticking with a routine is the hard bit! I believe the most important factors in sticking to an exercise routine are to understand WHY you’re doing it, and then to choose activities that match your goals and personality.

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Why 1: Why do you want to exercise? Seems obvious, but often overlooked! Keep your reasons for exercising at the forefront. Choosing exercise that will help you reach your goals will keep you motivated to stick to your routine.

Why 2: Think about times when you were active (got your heart rate up and sweated a bit) and absolutely loved it so much that it didn’t feel like exercise. What were you doing? Were you outside or inside? Who were you with, or were you by yourself? What one word describes the activity? WHY did you enjoy it so much?

Why 3: Now think about times when you were active and absolutely hated it, and couldn’t wait for it to be over! What were you doing? Were you outside or inside? Who were you with, or were you by yourself? What one word describes the activity? WHY did you not enjoy this experience?

I think you can predict the next step. You’ve identified activities that you enjoyed for whatever reason, as well as ones that made you feel less than enthusiastic. Your next task is to look to recreate those positives in new ways, while avoiding the ones that made you cringe. You may need to try some new things, or re-try them, but look for options that might bring about the reason why you enjoy exercise. For example, you may have loved playing rugby or netball as a child for the camaraderie and skill challenge. Whilst the body might not cope with competitive sport any more, it could be okay with a new sport with less physical rigour, whilst delivering on social and skill aspects.

Remember – our preferences will change often. Our core values – not so much. Find activities that will meet your goals and fit your personality and you’ll be on the road to a healthier you in no time!

2x PushMe Personal Training sessions and a 1 month membership at the RecCentre valued at up to $159 comment on this post before 5pm on 9 February 2017, telling us about one of your why’s!

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8 thoughts on “What type of exercise is right for me?”

  1. My Why? Because I really need to find time to look after myself in that work-life balance equation (that never seems to have a solution). Because my family needs me to be happy and healthy too. Because my fitness is slipping just as my clothes are shrinking. Because I haven’t seen a personal trainer in years (pre-quakes!). Because I have to turn up if there’s someone there waiting for me…

  2. Why? Why do you want to excercise? Getting to the gym improves my mood and overall mental health. It gives me time to be alone and reflect.

  3. Why? Because I’m not getting any younger! I need more “me time” and a regular exercise routine gives my brain the chance to power down and to think about something else briefly. Plus I want to set a good example for my son – exercise doesn’t have to be a chore!

  4. Hello, I have come to a crossroads in life and decided it’s now or never. That feeling you have inside when you feel and look good on the outside is amazing. About 2 months before Christmas 2016, I got on board and lost 5 kg. Ran a marathon, more training and changed my eating habits.
    Christmas came and went where as everybody does puts on a few kgs and no different for me. The new year kicked off, and I am following the same routine but one extra detail I am now cycling into work. 4 weeks in I have lost 3 kg. Excellent feeling to have. My goal is 20kg total and I believe these push me training sessions will help me reach my goal. Healthy body and healthy mind keeps proud and happy. Everyday is a challenge and I love the challenge nowadays

    1. Congratulations Jamie, you’ve been selected as our winner 🙂 If you could please contact kat.henderson@canterbury.ac.nz at your earliest convenience, we will get you set up with your 1 month membership and 2x PushMe sessions to help you reach your goal!

  5. Why? Because we have this service available on campus and I still find reasons why i can’t use it. Wh? Because its easier to ask why and complain that i don’t have the time or the energy knowing that it will be the best thing for my body and mind.

  6. Thanks for all of your comments. There are some great reasons there! Our team has selected Jamie Browne as our winner. Congratulations!

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