Central Library collection moves over summer

All of the Central Library collection was moved over summer in order to create the space required for the Education Library and its community. No book is in the same location as it was in August 2016, so please check: the catalogue; the floorplans on the website or library noticeboards or the floor directories at the lifts before looking for your areas of interest.

If a title has been moved to a store facility, then you will need to place a request for it. Updating the location information for books is an automated process. However, it is a manual process to update a change of location for a journal. It may take our staff 3-4 weeks to update the records for journals that were originally on the open shelf at the Central Library.

Please ask Library staff for assistance if you require a journal, which is not in the location stated in the catalogue.

We apologise for any inconvenience you may experience as you get used to the new location for your areas of interest.

Joan Simpson, Manager Resource Discovery