Five great reasons to try Group Exercise

Recreation Centre photo shoot, showing all aspects of the Rec Centre facilities, badminton, balance exercises with balls, weight pack exercises, floor exercises on the mezzanine, Rec Centre reception, group weights in the gym, steppers, walkers, spin, weight machines, free weights, straps, yoga, rowing machines, 15.8.14Hitting the pavement, cardio machines or weights room can be a fabulous way to reach your health and fitness goals, and suits many just fine. But there are some great reasons to join a group of like-minded individuals to get your regular exercise fix. Here are just five:

  1. The group fitness atmosphere is motivating and energising. The music, moves and teacher can drag you through your workout on the toughest days.
  2. There is no planning or thinking required! That’s the job of the instructor – they’ll plan the class, motivate you, and provide feedback and technique assistance on how well you’re doing. Just turn up and join in!
  3. You can schedule the class time into your calendar – committing to a time and place helps you create good habits.
  4. You can work at your own pace. Instructors teach multi-level classes, meaning people will be doing different adaptations of the same exercise all around you! You can choose to go heavier with your weights in pump (or not), to plank on your toes or knees or whether to turn up the dial in spin. As long as you are giving your best on the day, then you are winning.
  5. The social connections you can make with other exercisers and the instructors can really add sparkle to your day!

Most gyms that offer group fitness will have a range of styles on offer to suit most people. There will usually be a selection of cardio, resistance training, or mind-body based options.

Recreation centre, various classes set up by staff for marketing services, 20.10.15 Client, Kat Henderson, Rec Centre.The RecCentre offers 50+ classes per week as part of their Group Fitness timetable once the students are back, and an additional 10+ Small Group Training courses. You can check out our term time schedule and see if any of our classes look enticing! Not a member?

You can obtain a two week pass simply by emailing and letting me know you saw this offer on the blog.

Do you prefer the great outdoors? There are a number of outdoor classes operating around the city, at various prices. Do you prefer free? Check out the free, family friendly Saturday morning session run by PT in the Park

Have a fun-filled day!

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