Find Your Microsoft Office Answers Here

We use powerful programs every day.
But are we using them powerfully?

Do you have a task ahead of you, but are not quite sure how to use your computer to go about it? It may be a table you are searching in Excel, or a video that is too long in PowerPoint, or a
PivotTable you need to look at in a different way….

Or perhaps you would simply like to learn more ways to use our
Microsoft Office programs, such as Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Project, OneNote, Visio, Access….

The Microsoft Office Training Center is the answer for you.

You can ask a question in plain English by typing into the Search box in the upper right corner, or you can explore the Training Roadmaps in each program area. Even if you don’t see the version of the program you are using*, use the training roadmaps as a guide to direct you on a learning path in your version.

Remember too, the Technology Training Options page on the
Learning & Development site for other options.

*Office 2010 is the version of Microsoft Office installed by default with the Windows 7 Standard Operating Environment.  Office 2010 is gradually being upgraded to Office 2013 as part of the Skype for Business rollout.

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