Wrapping up a teaching activity? Reset the teaching technology

When teaching staff set up for a teaching activity, they expect the teaching technology to be ready to go with its default settings. So, at the end of any teaching session, it is crucial to reset the audio and visual presentation system for the next member of staff.

For example, this will reduce the number of unsuccessful Echo360 recordings caused by muted microphones.

This is quick and easy to do on the AMX touch panel.


To reset the technology, do the following:

1. Touch the ‘Power Off’ button


2. If you wish to hurry the process along, touch the ‘Power Off Now’ button. Or let the countdown to finish.


3. Once reset, the middle of the touch panel will look like this:


Remember, Echo360 recording only takes place if it has been requested, booked in and confirmed, in advance. There is no audio recording to access later, if this has not been done.

For more information, here is a short video on using the AMX touch panel to control the technology in a teaching space.