Printing allowance for postgraduate students

Some questions about the printing allowance for postgraduate students have been raised recently. The points below clarify the current policy.

Current printing allowance

  • All doctoral students get a $90 credit for printing at the beginning of their studies. This equates to about 3,000 black and white pages.
  • Any unused credit is rolled over each year, subject to any changes that are made as a result of consultation (see below), until that credit is used, or the PhD completes, whichever occurs first.
  • At this stage there is no plan for an annual top up.
  • 3,000 pages should cater for the needs of the vast majority of students. It is informed by analysis of actual usage, plus a solid additional margin.
  • If students suspend their study temporarily this does not impact their printing credit.

    Concerns about the credit not being available to Masters or other non-PhD postgraduate students have been noted. Doctoral students are explicitly covered  because UC has a formal policy relating to them: Provision of Resources Policy – Support for Doctoral Students (130KB, Version 2.01, PDF)

Next steps

  • UC will monitor usage by non-doctoral postgraduate students to ascertain the needs across this group and determine whether a policy should also be developed to cover them.
  • Consultation will occur in 2017 through the Postgraduate Working Group to determine the approach for 2018 and beyond.
  • An Interim Postgraduate Working Group comprising the PGSA President, UCSA President, the UCSA Postgraduate representative the Executive Director Student Services and Communications, the Dean of Postgraduate Research and Senior Advisor – Student Experience, has been established. It is the intention that in 2017, the Interim Working Group membership will be augmented by a postgraduate representative from each College. A key objective of the Working Group is to review current postgraduate representation models and propose a more comprehensive approach.

If students have concerns about the printing policy specifically please raise your concerns via   

Alex Hanlon, Executive Director Learning Resources | Kaihautū Matua Rauemi Ako                                       

Lynn McClelland, Executive Director, Student Services & Communications | Kaihautū Te Ratonga Ākonga me te Whakapā