Your Answer Is In A Google Search

How many times a month do we wonder how to do something?

Yet the solution we often don’t utilise is right at our fingertips:

Search the web!

This powerful web search engine is often described as the only e-learning tool you’ll ever need.

So the next time you are wondering how to do something, open any web browser and type your question into the browser’s search engine – eg, “How do I create a Rule in Outlook 2013?”

I’m continually impressed by the number of solutions I find this way. But remember, you can be limited by the quality of your question, so just ask carefully.

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Diversity Week is back in 2017!

Given the huge amount of interest from students and staff, we are doing Diversity Week (DW) again beginning 31 July.

UCSA and the UC Foundation are funding the initiative, which will be coordinated by Student Success. But we need your help!

Please find it in your heart to give us some ideas on the best direction to go in. We’ve got a $30 voucher to give away to one lucky opinion.

Contribute your suggestions here:

Diversity WeekThe very talented UCSA Equity & Wellbeing Rep drew the picture. Feel free to contact him or the other DW crew directly with your ideas:

Library services restricted morning of Tuesday 11 April

Next Tuesday, 11 April, some library systems are being upgraded and this will disrupt services in all branches.

The library catalogue will be unavailable from 4:00 m until around 10:00am although the ‘MultiSearch” search on our home screen will still function.

There will also be no lending when the Library opens, although all going well, the SelfCheck machines should be operational by around 8:30 am.

Library staff will not have full access to the system until around 9:00am.

Power outages, 18th and 29th April 2017 – Ilam campus

Kia ora colleagues,

New high voltage and emergency power infrastructure has been installed on the Ilam campus to enable the RRSIC building to function. This infrastructure is now ready to be commissioned and power outages of approximately 50 % of the Ilam campus are required to safely achieve this.

The commissioning process will involve power supply to affected buildings being disrupted a number of times for unspecified times and duration during the outages. To minimise impacts on users, they have been scheduled during the mid-semester break and the University holiday on 18th April.

Two outage dates have been planned. However, should all the commissioning be successfully completed during the first outage, the second one will be cancelled.

1st  Outage Period –    18TH April, from  7am – 6pm
2nd Outage Period –   29th April, from   8am – 6pm

 The buildings affected are:

Karl Popper
Business and Law
South Arts
North Arts
Puaka-James Hight
University Bookshop
Angus Tait
ICT Building
Von Haast
Macmillan Brown Library
Te Ao Marama
Library Warehouse
Alice Candy
Fine Arts blocks 1-4
Biology Glasshouses
Central Lecture Theatres C1-3
Rehua construction site
Geography Staff
Psychology Staff
Recreation Centre
Health Centre
Locke and Logie

Staff are advised that for the affected buildings there will be NO ACCESS as the buildings will be locked down by Security for the period of the outage.
It is recommended that building occupants turn off their computers and area printers last thing before leaving work on the evening before the outage.

Please forward this advice to any affected staff and student building users as appropriate.

While the timing should mean any impact will be minimal, we apologise in advance for any inconvenience. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Rob Oudshoorn
Group Manager Engineering
Engineering Services
Phone ext: 95498
Mob – 0274364161