unicycle update – May 2017

Work on the Dovedale Ave section of the Uni-Cycle Route has commenced. The existing footpath will be replaced with a 3.5m shared path which will impact the on-street parking during construction. The work is scheduled to take 8 weeks, and once this section is completed, the majority of on-street parking will remain.

Works on Ilam Fields have been delayed due to the poor weather but the final section is to be asphalted this week with some line marking and remedial landscaping work to follow.

The entrance to University Drive off Ilam Road is being prepared for a new crossing which will allow cyclists and pedestrians to travel more directly from Ilam Fields onto University Drive. Work on the western side of Ilam Road road will be completed by the end of May. Work on the eastern side will then begin to create the separated facility. All works on Ilam Road are expected to be complete at the end of June.

Work on the western side of Clyde Road is nearing completion with asphalt to be laid this week. This will provide the much needed tie in for pedestrians and cyclists to the new facility on University Drive. Work will then commence on the intersection of Clyde Road and Hinau Street.

Modifications to the intersections along the neighbourhood greenway being built between Clyde Road and Riccarton Bush are underway and will continue until the end of June.

The CCC is looking forward to opening the whole section of this route in early July and thanks everyone for their continued patience.

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  1. Great news! I am particularly looking forward to the work on Clyde Road being completed as this will make arriving at work much easier.

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