View One Word Document in Two Windows

There are times when it is useful to view one Word document in two separate windows. You might put one window on each of your computer monitors.

One document, two windows.

But why would you do that? Well, try working on a document of more than half a dozen pages and then see if you are still asking that question.
Being able to view different parts of the same document simultaneously enables you to make comparisons, copy content from one location to another, check formatting, and simply work in different places in the document at the same time. It will also help reduce RSI and other scrolling injuries!

To use this feature:

  1. Open your Microsoft Word document
  2. Click the View tab
  3. Click New Window
    The document displays in two windows. (The new window is probably right on top of the previous window, so drag it away.)

You can now drag the windows to sit side by side. I usually maximise each window so that each window fills one of my two screens.
Or you could display both windows on one screen.

Tip: you could have one document open in three or even more windows, if you need to! Just keep repeating the above steps.

It is still the one document so what you change in one window is immediately updated in the other. Save one, and they both save. One document, two windows.

To return to just one window, close the other windows as you would normally close a window.

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