Workshop to give head start on Tech Jumpstart competition

Last week UC Intercom announced that the Tech Jumpstart competition has opened, this year with the chance to win more. What better way to get a head start than to attend a Commercialisation 101 workshop facilitated by Seumas McCroskery and Alice Marsh from KiwiNet on Thursday 8 June.

Read on for some inspiration  from Kiwi Innovation Network Limited Commercialisation Manager  Seumas McCroskery, find details on the workshop including how to register, and get ready to take the plunge into Tech Jumpstart 2017.

What perceptions might people sometimes have that can stop them from realising their dream of transforming an innovative idea into reality? What is the most important advice you would ask them to think about?

There is often a perception that transforming an innovative idea into reality, i.e. commercialisation, will sacrifice traditional research principles and priorities. We would ask those people to consider that commercialisation is a complementary pathway to see their ideas reach and benefit the world while still aligning with ongoing research and teaching priorities. Also, you are not alone! There are a range of people available to help you on this journey.

I’m sure many people have an inkling that their innovation might have a potential market application. Can you give us a taste of what people will find out in Commercialisation 101 on 8 June that will help them take the next step?

People who have an inkling that their innovation might have a potential market application will find out that there a number of important questions to answer. Does it solve a problem? Can you find potential buyers? Is there a market for it? We will answer these questions by working through a useful take-home framework, the ‘Science Innovation Canvas’. The answers to these questions are also important when writing grant applications to MBIE and HRC.

Can you share some examples of technology transfer from UC that has excited you?

What we find exciting is the capability and range of ideas that have come from UC. We have seen awesome innovative solutions for aquaculture, health and safety, building infrastructure, electronics, human health and sport and leisure.

What are your thoughts on the calibre of innovation you have encountered at UC?

UC has always been a treasure trove of innovations. UC staff have won at the annual National KiwiNet Commercialisation Awards on multiple occasions. Both staff and students are working on cutting edge research. There are close relationships with businesses in the Canterbury area and there is strong in-house capability and support from the Research and Innovation team.  New approaches are continually being implemented to bring awareness and tools to allow more UC staff and students to flex their innovation muscles.  KiwiNet is proud to work with UC to support and celebrate the successes.

Seumas McCroskery,Commercialisation Manager  Kiwi Innovation Network Limited

Commercialisation 101 – Event Info
Date Thursday, 8 June 2017
Time 10am – 4pm 
Facilitator Seumas McCroskery and Alice Marsh – KiwiNet
Location Kirkwood KA04