Winter workouts – and how to NOT skip them!

Do you find it super easy to talk yourself into going home after work, rather than hit the workout trail, just because it’s a bit colder? Me too. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track through the winter months.

It’s no surprise that food is key. When our energy levels dip, our motivation follows. First up, ensure you’ve had a good breakfast with a good balance of protein, good fats and complex carbs. You can read more on How to supercharge your breakfast by Healthy Food Guide.

Follow that up with a lunch that doesn’t put you into a food coma – that means avoiding refined carbs and lots of sugar. We love Nadia Lim’s recipes – they look spectacular, are spectacularly healthy, AND really are very simple to make!

Finally, choosing snacks (and snack times) to make sure when you actually get to the gym, you have the energy to take it on! This could be your afternoon latte, or with a little organisation on the weekend, you could prep a healthy snack to take with you. I keep mine simple, greek yoghurt, frozen berries and a teaspoon of chia seeds – tastes like a mid-afternoon dessert!

170530_RecCentre buddy

With your food sorted, it’s time to check the environment and your routine. Try a few of these out, and see what combination works for you!

  1.  Schedule your gym into your Outlook calendar – you’ll get a reminder ding, and it’s less likely you’ll have a meeting put in there!
  2. Change into your exercise gear BEFORE you leave the office. You’ll have a visual reminder and feel more accountable to yourself.
  3. Leave things at the office. Just go exercise. Eliminate the temptation to ‘not stop’ on your journey home, because you still have to get things from your office.
  4. Get a buddy. It’s less likely you’ll bail if you’re meeting a friend.
  5. Set the bar really low. Promise yourself 15 minutes. It’s better than nothing, and it’s highly likely you’ll end up staying once the endorphins kick in and you start feeling good. Or, just go HIIT mode, and get a full workout in just 15 minutes.

Let’s do this!