The Magic of Chemistry

170606_Mark Turnbull NZIC Show

Join Professor Mark Turnbull as he takes us on a journey through The Magic of Chemistry. A series of chemical demonstrations will be presented highlighting many aspects of chemistry and materials.  Expect changing colours, minor explosions and fire (randomly throughout the presentation).

This event is suitable for young people aged 8-15 years.

Professor Mark Turnbull is a Visiting Erskine Teaching Fellow to the Department of Chemistry. He is a professor of Chemistry at Clark University (Worcester, Mass., USA) and has been a visitor to the University of Canterbury since 1995. His research focusses on the design, synthesis and study of low-dimensional antiferromagnets and is done in collaboration with Chris Landee (Clark, physics) and a variety of international collaborators including Jan Wikaira and Matt Polson at UC.

He also has a strong background in science outreach to audiences of all ages and will present his Magic of Chemistry show in conjunction with the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry.

C1 Lecture Theatre, 6pm, Tuesday 6 June.

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  1. It would have been good to have had more notice for this, my kids would have loved to go. Really disappointed to have missed it.

    1. Sorry Jacqui – we only found out about it at the last minute ourselves and posted info as soon as we did.

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