Win a 6 month gym membership!

We’ve got a brilliant mid-winter membership special for the month of July, including the chance to win back your membership!

Spring is just around the corner, which means summer is not far away now. What better time to reboot your health and fitness than with a gym membership at the RecCentre? We offer all the usual gym stuff (cardio, weights, group fitness, small group training, personal training) plus a whole lot more like squash, badminton, basketball and a climbing wall to mix up your health activities.

Our building might be a little bit weary, but we have a team of exceptional and experienced staff, all passionate about fitness and eager to help you on your health & fitness journey. Our equipment is modern, most of which is under five years old. We’re not gonna lie, the gym can be really busy when the students are back, but if you can convince your team leader to give you an extra 15mins for transit & shower time, you can get a quick workout in at lunchtime and be uber productive in the afternoon! Or maybe try coming before work when it’s super quiet? Students don’t seem to do mornings so much… Peak time is 3.30pm – 8pm, so head over outside those hours for a quick workout.

170623-gym stretch

We’ve got a fabulous special for new members (ie those who haven’t had a membership with us in the past 6months). For UC Staff, it’s just $149 for six months, including a free SteerMe personalised gym programme, saving you $65 in total. For any staff member who joins during July, you’ll be in the draw to win your membership back (via bank deposit) or choose to add an additional six months on for free! So, if you’re not eligible for our July special, check out our standard rates….they’re still pretty sharp! (and don’t forget the discount for Union members)

Not sure? You could try a free week trial, just to see what it’s like before committing. You’ll still be eligible for the July special, assuming you’ve met the other T&Cs.