When in Doubt, Right-Click

When you know what you want to do, but you’re unsure how to do it, start with a right-click!

In this 2 minute video I explain the benefits of a right-click.

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Teaching Week: What’s on 8 June?

Come along to Teaching Week from 6 – 9 June for a taste of all different aspects of learning and teaching – for a full guide to all the events offered, please see the Teaching Week webpage.

Professor Catherine Moran recommends the sessions on Thursday 8 June:

“So maybe you’ve heard people talking about the graduate profile and the graduate attributes or the hubs, but are not sure what’s happening or think it’s something that’s for other people not you?

Or maybe you’ve got some good ideas on what you can be doing towards the graduate profile, and would be willing to share your experiences with your colleagues? Then I’d like to encourage you to drop in for a short time to have a chat to colleagues over a coffee about what’s possible and challenge your preconceptions.

Throughout Thursday 8 June in the Undercroft Puaka James Hight, we will be holding a series of sessions to think about embedding the graduate attributes: goals, strategies and perspectives. The sessions will run from 10am to 11:30 and 1pm until 3 pm.

Ross James, College of Business, 11.2.14The morning session will be about sharing practice. This will include a talk by the Dean of Commerce, Dr Ross James on learning outcomes, as well as examples from across programmes and Colleges on how others are embedding the attributes into their courses.

The afternoon will be a workshop forum where we will discuss ways of making the profile meaningful for your students and meaningful for your course or programme. Feel free to bring along your course outlines and work directly with hub leaders and peers to understand the relevance of the graduate profile for you.”