Stop Crossing Campus for Meetings

Some fresh air is great, but unless you like arriving wet for meetings, or adding 30 minutes each time for the return trip across Ilam Fields, did you know that you can now meet with your colleagues around the University, from your desk, using the teleconferencing and video conferencing* features on your computer?
(*video conferencing is available if you have a camera on your computer)

In Microsoft Outlook Calendar:

  1. Click New Skype Meeting on the Home ribbonNew Skype Meeting button 
  2. Add your participants (as you would normally add recipients to an email) so that each recipient will receive an invitationNew Skype Meeting Invitation with invitees
    You’ll notice in the body of the meeting there is a link to Join Skype Meeting. 
  3. When the meeting time is due you, and each participant, click Join Skype Meeting and a conference between you and all the
    participants will be formed.

You can also use this feature for external meetings – ie, with people external to UC – even if they don’t have Skype!

For other ways to make the most of your Skype for Business tools, see these other Skype for Business Basic Tasks.


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