Keen to improve your Science communications skills?

Apply for the Royal Society Science Media Centre’s two-day media skills workshop in October for researchers: Science Media Savvy.

Two-day Media Savvy workshop at UC – 26-27 October

It’s specifically to help scientists, engineers and other academics (not limited to scientific disciplines, but needs to be evidence/research-based) learn how to more effectively describe their work to media. We should be encouraging UC academics from all disciplines to apply/attend. Places cost about $600, which is a third of the actual cost (subsidised by MBIE), and as hosts, we get to nominate academics for free attendance (two spots).

Workshop Fees: $595 (excl. GST)     (Needs-based funding support available)

The Science Media SAVVY workshop is designed to increase confidence and enhance media skills in researchers so they can engage more effectively with the wider public through broadcast, print and social media.

Participants gain practical techniques to improve communication, deal with nerves, adapt their message to their audience and respond effectively when an interview becomes challenging. The workshop offers strategies to successfully navigate a range of media encounters, with take-home lessons that also apply to improving stakeholder engagement, funding applications, public talks and outreach.

Overview of full-length workshop programme

Created specifically to orient researchers to the realities of a rapidly changing media environment, Science Media SAVVY provides insights into the priorities and decision-making behind the news, and lays out strategies for researchers to contribute constructively when their areas of expertise become trending topics. This is open to researchers at any career stage.


Christchurch 26–27 October 2017 Applications now open