Simplifying UC’s identity and access management

The IAM programme aims to simplify and improve identity and access management for UC staff, students, and visitors to online resources and buildings.

 Identity Management is the way systems identify a person, who may have several log-ons,  email addresses and so on. Access Management ensures only the right people have access to online resources and campus facilities they are allowed to use. The project aims to bring these two elements together in a coherent way to improve user experience – to the point it is almost invisible.

The IAM programme has been running about six months and has already worked with a small number of teams across UC. It is beginning to broaden its involvement gathering information from departments and colleges, working steadily towards this year’s goals of information gathering and solution design. This will be the foundation for delivery of improvements, from next year.

The project team will provide a paper to UC governance groups in October detailing the approach for implementation of a preferred IAM solution from next year.

The Project Team can be contacted via the email address.