Survey: do you have a child who has had speech-language therapy?

Stephie MacIntyre is a Speech-Language Therapist and master’s student in Speech and Language Sciences at UC.  For her dissertation, she is studying parental expectations of speech-language therapy and needs your help. 

What are parents’ expectations of speech-language therapy for their children?  Are parents’ expectations being met during the course of the therapy and how do their expectations change? These are some of the questions that I am trying to answer in my research.

Parental involvement in their child’s therapy is important, however when people feel that their concerns or questions are not being answered or taken seriously there can be a tendency to disconnect.  Knowing more about what New Zealand parents are wanting for from their child’s speech-language therapy will help speech-language therapists to deliver therapy in a manner that suits the child and their family best.

For my research I am seeking parents of children who are either currently receiving speech-language therapy services in New Zealand or have in the last year to take part in a 10-15 minute online survey that is looking at answering these questions.  If you fit this criteria please complete the survey by clicking the link below (the link can also be shared with others that fit the criteria). Responses are voluntary and anonymous,

Click here for the survey>