Apply For Leave Using The New UCPeople (PeopleSoft)

UCPeople (PeopleSoft) has had a major upgrade, so the next time you check your pay, apply for leave, and all the other things that you use UCPeople (PeopleSoft) for, expect a pleasant surprise!

Find out more about UCPeople’s new look, mobile capability and easy user navigation.

To apply for leave using the new UCPeople:

UCPeople User Video: Complete Absence Request – Annual Leave (Video) (2min:40sec)
– To pause the video, tap the spacebar on your keyboard.
– To display the play controls, roll your mouse towards the bottom of the video window.
– If you are in a hurry you can step through the process steps by clicking the forward or backward buttons at the bottom of the video window.

To view the process maps:

Plan and Apply for Annual Leave – Academic Staff

Plan and Apply for Annual Leave – General Staff

Did you know UCPeople is now mobile capable?

Yes, you can apply for and approve leave, check your pay, etc, all on your smart phone or tablet. Make life easier by bookmarking UCPeople on your mobile phone and tablet.

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