Seeking participants – research on nostalgia

Oindrila is a PhD student at the Department of Psychology, researching aspects of memory, more specifically the concept of nostalgia and am looking for people to participate in my research. She tells us more:

What the study involves: You will think about an event (I will tell you exactly what to think about) which will be recorded using an EEG or a hand-operated switch, and then answer a few questions about the event and yourself. The study takes about an hour to complete and is conducted at the psychology department. You will receive a $10 petrol voucher or Westfield Gift Card as a token of appreciation for your time. Anyone above the age of 18 can participate; mature students and people above the age of 25 are especially welcome. You cannot take part if you have a hand injury.

The study will be running until mid-November and again from February 2018. Please email me to book an appointment on Also, feel free to contact me later in the year if you are interested but busy at the moment. Any help is appreciated!


Who won the Sustainability awards?

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As part of Sustainapalooza (18 – 22 September) the Sustainability Awards took place on Thursday 21 September. Students and staff were able to nominate themselves and others during August for the awards, which revealed a number of fantastic sustainable projects happening at UC. Congratulations to those who won awards, and everyone who was nominated.

Silver awards

  • Student award: Jackson White, The Solar Project
  • General staff award: Mark Homewood, RRSIC Stormwater Treatment

Gold awards

  • Student award: Shell Eco Marathon Team
  • Academic staff award: The CAREX team, CAREX
  • General staff award: Rob Oudshoorn and Engineering Services, Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Initiatives

Fair Trade diamond award

  • Student award: Selva Ganapathy and Joyce Chen, Fog Water Harvesting Project

Supreme award

  • Student award: Glynne Mackey, Sustainability and Social Justice

Be Notified When Someone Becomes Available

Tagging for status change alerts in Skype for Business

If you are wanting to call or IM (Instant Message) someone but they are away from their desk, in a meeting or otherwise busy, you can “tag” them so that you will be notified when they become available.

  1. Look up the person you wish to tag
  2. Right click their name
  3. Select Tag for Status Change Alerts
  • A pop-up will appear on your screen when their status changes to Available

NOTE: Remember to untag them afterwards otherwise you’ll get a pop-up every time their status changes.
(To untag them, reverse the above process.)


Thanks to Bronya Don and Karen Mather for this tip.

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Links to HR forms, letters and tools changed

We are migrating all HR forms and tools within the HR Toolkit to the new version of SharePoint. The site links have been updated and we are working through updating all links inside documents.

If you have a link anywhere on your website which maps directly to an HR tool this will need to be updated to point to the new location. 

Should you require any support please contact Sue Woodgate or Rochelle Harpur