Tech Jumpstart winners

Congratulations to all Tech Jumpstart winners announced yesterday (Thursday 5 October) evening.

The prize from each Technology Incubator  (WNT Ventures and Astrolab) is a “pre-incubation”, where the incubator spends $35k doing a commercial assessment, and coming up with a commercial strategy for the technology. After this, if the incubator likes the look of the technology, they form a start-up to commercialise it.

KiwiNet also funds $20k for each of the winners.

Commercialisation support from R&I is provided to winners as well.

WNT Ventures prize:
Designing functional dresses for plants
Associate Professor David Leung

 Astrolab prize:
Laser Detection of Nitrates in Waterways and Soils
Dr Deb Crittenden and Associate Prof Sally Gaw

 Other winners:
High Performance Printed Heat Exchangers
Professor Conan Fee and Dr Tim Huber

 In-situ Damage Detection
Giuseppe Loporcaro and Professor Milo Kral

 Miniature Electrochemical Sensing Elements for Detection of Nitrate
Dr Vladimir Golovko and Dr Aaron Marshall

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